'Dallas' season 3: Pamela's overdose and relationship with John -Will there be a Season 4?

Later this month, the remaining episodes for "Dallas" Season 3 will return and these episodes hold the key to the cliffhangers we're all left with. What will happen to Pamela and John? What happens to Pamela after her overdose? What happens to Bobby and Ann? And more importantly, will "Dallas" be renewed for a season 4?

A lot of things have happened between Pamela and John Ross. Is there even a possibility that they can move forward with what they've gone through? "Dallas" Executive Producer Cynthia Cidre shares what happens.

"He keeps trying to apologize, but she's not having it. So yeah, so that's sort of their path for the rest of the season. It's very very rocky and she will have none of it and she wants revenge," Cidre told Entertainment Weekly.

What about Pamela's intentional overdose to move on from the heartache their relationship has caused her? Cidre said, "At first, it was just going to be a ménage a trois and then I thought no no no, she's going there to punish them. She's going to overdose and make sure that every time they look at each other, all they think about is vomit."

According to spoilers, Bobby will find out that Ann and Harris kissed and of course, Bobby will not like this at all.

Then there's the big question, is "Dallas" going to be renewed for a season 4? Well, it's really too early to tell given that renewals can still happen days before the season finale. However, CarterMatt.com speculates that this might be the final season for the TNT show.

Apart from the moved schedule that made "Dallas" fight for ratings with a major TV series competitor, the ratings have not been good for the entire season too. But fans can still keep on hoping that a season 4 will happen, perhaps, to give the characters a better ending?

Meanwhile, make sure you catch the remaining episodes of "Dallas" Season 3 when it returns on Aug. 18.

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