Benjamin Dunn and the Animal Orchestra are heading to Europe

Benjamin Dunn and the Animal Orchestra will be making their way to Europe for a quick tour following the release of the album, Fable, on Wednesday.

Their fly-by visit kicks off in London on 1 September and will also take in
Helsinki and Zurich among other cities - see below for the full list of dates.

The tour is the ideal showcase for music from the new album, which has been largely inspired by the fictional works of C S Lewis.

Fable was recorded in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, and like albums in the past has a rotating cast of musicians involved. On the album, the Animal Orchestra consists of Dunn (Lead Vocals, Synth, Guitars and Banjo), Nathan Horst (Guitars, Banjo, Background Vocals, and Synth), Joel Semke (Bass and Synth Bass) and Rusty Fuller (Drums and Glockenspiel).

Different tour dates will be accompanied by different members of the orchestra.

European Tour Dates:

Sept 1 – London, England

Sept 5 – Bleskensgraaf, Netherlands

Sept 7 – Kiel, Germany

Sept 9 – Lyon, France

Sept 12 – Bergen, Norway

Sept 14 – Helsinki, Finland

Sept 15 – Zurich, Switzerland

For tickets, visit

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