Archbishop of York Meets Severely Disabled Children

The Archbishop of York, Dr John Sentamu, has visited the York-based Family Fund, a national charity working with severely disabled children and their families.

Dr Sentamu is keeping a promise made when he first arrived in York in 2005 to visit the Fund's offices where he will meet some of the children and parents that the charity has helped through its work as the largest voluntary-sector grant maker in the country.

The Archbishop of York said: "To bring up a child who is severely disabled can be extremely challenging, both emotionally and financially."

Family Fund supports more than 50,000 families with severely disabled children across the UK every year.

Marion Lowe, Chief Executive of the Family Fund, said, "Although we're York-based and right on the Archbishop's doorstep, our support stretches out to support lower-income families' right across the UK."

She revealed that Family Fund had provided grants totalling more than £28m in the last year alone.

During his visit last week, the Archbishop was able to meet some of the children and parents that the Fund has helped.

"The Family Fund is working towards a loving and caring society where disabled children and their families have every opportunity to lead a grace-filled life," he said.

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