105-year-old bacon woman (video): Pearl Cantrell credits eating bacon every day for her long life

A 105-year-old woman is claiming that the secret to her long life is eating bacon.

Pearl Cantrell of Texas said she eats bacon everyday. "I love bacon, I eat it every day," she told the Big Country Homepage.

She told local TV station KMSS that she encourages others to eat bacon too. "I want other people to eat bacon, I tell them to. My kids all eat it."

The elderly woman was treated to a ride in the Oscar Mayer Wienermobile in celebration of her long life. She was also given some bacon by the company and will be receiving more in the future.

Cantrell has lived longer than her husband and three of her seven children. Despite her age, she continues to the do tasks and activities she loves, such as sewing and dancing

Cantrell's daughter Anno told the Big Country Homepage: "She's taught us to work hard and to get up every morning and think about living. She's never thought about dying."

Cantrell recently celebrated her birthday with over 200 guests over a period of three days.

Research has showed that eating too much bacon may increase the rise of bowel cancer, but the case seems to be different for Cantrell nonetheless.