Worship Central record third live album

Around 1,000 people attended Worship Central's third live album recording on Friday night.

Tim Hughes, Ben Cantelon and Luke and Anna Hellebronth led those gathered in 15 songs at Hillsong's Warehouse in South Bermondsey, London.

The evening began with the worship leaders teaching new songs including Set Apart, You Pursue Me and Awesome Is He – taken from Luke Hellebronth's debut EP Stand Up.

"We're amazingly thankful you're here," Tim Hughes said, before adding it was the team's "number one prayer" that those gathered would encounter God.

The audience was asked to clap on cue, which Tim joked would later be used to "cover up the awkward silence that usually happens when Ben finishes a song".

The band opened with Will Reagan's Set A Fire before moving into Awesome Is He and a slightly reworked version of crowd favourite Happy Day.

Let It Go and You Are The Way were upbeat dance-inspired tunes while You Pursue Me and You Care For Us were slower tempo ballads.

Worshippers of all ages attended the concert and many made full use of social media, posting pictures and videos under the hashtag #wclive. One delegate even skyped a friend in on his phone to watch part of the gig live.

The band was made up of HTB musicians Oliver Snelling (keys), Tim Cooke (drums) and Henry Marsden (bass) plus guitarists Stephen Evans and Alex Nifong and backing vocalist Sarah Bird.

Set List:

Set A Fire
Awesome Is He
Happy Day
You Are The Way
Where Can I Go?
Worth It All
All That I Am (Spontaneous)
Set Apart
Let It Go
--Talk by Pete Hughes--
You Care For Us
You Pursue Me
Enough Light
The Way
Your Cross Is Enough

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