Worship Central and a New Album for Tim Hughes

|PIC1|Following a recent shift from Soul Survivor to the Holy Trinity Brompton Church (HTB), many significant projects await popular worship leader Tim Hughes.

“Whilst it’s been very hard leaving our friends and family, we have been really excited about a new challenge and working with a great team at HTB. We are both still staying closely linked in with Soul Survivor and will be at the festivals this summer,” Hughes noted on the Passion for Your Name (Soul Survivor initiative)website.

Hughes is currently leading Worship Central at HTB, a worship leader training programme that drew 700 worship leaders, musicians, and pastors at the first session held 6 May, 2006.

“It was amazing. When you gather 700 worship leaders and musicians to worship and sing, you can really sense God’s presence,” Hughes shared with Christian Today.

The first training day included space for worship, ministry, teaching, and practical workshops led by Hughes, Mike Pilavachi, Al Gordon and Mark Beswick.

Workshops included “The Sound of the Heart” by Al Gordon, which explored into the values of worship, and “The Journey of Worship” led by Tim Hughes, where he guided worshippers to take a practical look into leading a session of worship.

|AD|In addition, Mark Beswick led the “Vocal Workshop,” where he brought his vast experience as a vocal coach to equip people in how to most effectively use and train their voices.

“The heart is to find as many ways possible to resource worship leaders and musicians to strengthen the church,” Hughes told Christian Today.

Worship Central will include future training days, conferences and retreats. The next conference date is set for 23rd September, 2006.

In other news, Hughes will hit the studio later this summer. Two years following his acclaimed sophomore album, When Silence Falls, Hughes will begin recording his third album in July and August. According to Hughes, the album is expected to be out in England by October 2006, and January 2007 in the U.S.

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