Thousands expected at UK's biggest Christian evangelism event for decades

J John talks about Just One at the Emirates Stadium at a recent evangelism training evening at St George's Holborn.JustOneStadium/Facebook

Some of the world's top Christian evangelists will come together to lead nearly 50,000 people in praise and worship this July in one of the biggest Christian stadium events ever. 

Thousands of people are expected at Canon J John's JustOne at the Emirates stadium in London. The event is named after his idea that every person coming brings 'just one' friend or relative along with them.

The event will  evoke memories of evangelist Billy Graham's famous crusades – the worldwide evangelistic gatherings that Graham renamed 'missions' after 9/11 attacks in 2001. John, born in 1958 and who gave his life to Christ in 1975, is profoundly influenced by Graham, who invited him to dinner at his home in the US when he was a young evangelist just starting out in 1983.

Ty OG, the current Mr Universe, will be witnessing at Canon J John's Just One event in London's Emirates stadium in JulyUlrich Oehmen/Ty OG/Facebook

Christian stars billed to appear include singer-songwriter Matt Redman, Hillsong, the music pastor and songwriter Noel Robinson and Ty Og – the current Mr Universe. Og said: 'The JustOne event with J John is going to be an amazing and inspiring time. I am hugely excited and am looking forward to being there.' 

The London Community Gospel Choir will also sing. John hopes for a turn-out of 45,000 people.

John, who was born less than two miles from Emirates Stadium and is married to Killy with three sons and one grandson, has a record of innovative evangelism.

His book and missions around 'Just10', a contemporary working of the Ten Commandments, saw astonishing scenes in churches around Britain, with criminals and others publicly coming to Christ and witnessing repentance by turning over stolen goods and weapons into the 'amnesty dustbins' in church. One man left £25,000 and an anonymous note, explaining it was the profits from an insurance scam.

Speaking to Christian Today about the event, which he has started promoting through 214 partner churches across the UK, John said he will preach on the question: 'What does Jesus mean to me?'  He said: 'Basically, what we are saying to our partner churches is we want 25,000 Christians, and for them to bring just one person each, 25,000 more people who have still not discovered a faith. This can be a friend, neighbour, colleague, relative.'

He said one aim of the event is to reawaken the evangelistic spirit in the UK.

While there are 22,000 clergy across all denominations, a recent conference for actual evangelists was attended by just 180 people. 'No one else is doing evangelism on this scale in Britain,' he said. 

Currently he speaks to thousands of people a year but at many, far smaller gatherings than JustOne in July. He estimates a 'response' rate of about 10 per cent of people who commit to Christ.

Those who have endorsed the event include the adventurer Bear Grylls, who said: 'I admire the spirit and ambition of J John and JustOne so much, and I am sure that it will be an amazing time for all involved.'

Tickets are available for JustOne at the Emirates Stadium on July 8.

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