'The Story of God' news: Documentary may enlighten and enrich says Lori McCreary

Morgan Freeman says he is 'humbled by the opportunity to take viewers along on this incredible journey' by serving as the storyteller in 'The Story of God.'Reuters

Morgan Freeman has moved from portraying God in movies to making a documentary about Him, as he introduced his latest project, "The Story of God," during a panel with National Geographic, which will be airing the show.

According to Los Angeles Times, Freeman's co-producer Lori McCreary shared the story of how she and Freeman came to a mosque and found out that Islam told the story of Jesus, something she admits she did not know. "Maybe exploring this [religion] would help enlighten and enrich us," McCreary said.

"The Story of God" is a joint project between McCreary, Freeman and James Younger, which aims to explore various religions and their function in society. The show will be aired on National Geographic Channel and Nat Geo Mundo this upcoming spring, and will be aired globally in 171 nations and dubbed in 45 different languages.

The trio of producers have worked together to create Discovery Channel's "Through the Wormhole," a documentary that answered some of the biggest mysteries like the existence of a creator, extra-terrestrial life, time travel, black holes and many other topics. The show has aired six seasons, beginning back in June 9, 2010, and the latest season airing last April 29, 2015.

"For me, this is a personal and enduring quest to understand the divine, and I am humbled by the opportunity to take viewers along on this incredible journey," Freeman said to Deadline, when asked about his thoughts on the show.

Freeman is an Academy Award-winning actor known for his roles in "The Shawsank Redemption," "Now You See Me," "Bruce Almighty," and "Million Dollar Baby." The 78-year-old actor and narrator is also known for telling The Wrap that he believes that God was invented by man.

"The Story of God" is set to premiere on National Geographic this year.