'The Jim Gaffigan Show': Mixing faith and personal concerns to produce TV comedy

A Catholic family living in Manhattan will be the source of laughs in the new show called 'The Jim Gaffigan Show.'(Facebook/The Jim Gaffigan Show)

Catholic faith and comedy are things that don't normally go hand in hand. But the combination of these two subjects is exactly what Jim Gaffigan and his wife Jeannie will tackle in the new television show called "The Jim Gaffigan Show."

"Mixing these worlds—the world of stand-up comedy and one's faith—can provide conflict and humour," Jim Gaffigan told the Catholic News Agency.

Jeannie helped Jim come up with the show's script and serve as the program's executive producer. The funny couple hopes that showcasing their family experiences as they deal with personal, religious, and public concerns will bring laughter to their audiences.

"It's about normal families that are in this very abnormal situation and all the things that inform their interactions with other people. And there's a lot of comedy in that," said Jeannie. "People relate to it. People laugh at it."

"The Jim Gaffigan Show" will premiere on TV Land on July 15. It will share the Gaffigan family's first-hand experience living as a Catholic family in lower Manhattan, where hipsters and bohemians are the norm.

"We wanted to present it as this conventional family in this unconventional world, and that's really what it is for every family in America," Jim said in a press release. His wife added, "It's a show about our lives; this is what we do."

The couple has decided to be completely honest in the show and not hide any spectrum of their lives. They go to the church and they go to the comedy club, and even though those things are "sort of diametrically opposed," it is the Gaffigan family's reality.

Jim and Jeannie believe that their material is fresh so audiences will definitely enjoy a lot of laughs while watching their family deal with their day-to-day lives. "Hopefully, whether they're brand-new or not, they're unique and true to our experience," said Jeannie.