'Sister Wives' season 7 spoilers: TLC preparing to cancel series?


The fate of TLC's "Sister Wives" seems to be on a limb, as controversies surrounding Kody Brown and his polygamous family continue while season 7 unfolds.

Rumors claim that Kody is getting tired of all the drama brought by his four wives. This is why he is planning to divorce all of them and find two younger wives.

Hollywood Life spotted a report from Life & Style magazine saying that the 45-year-old Brown patriarch wants to cut his ties with his wives Meri, Janelle, Christine, and Robyn because of their lack of support.

Said the Browns' family friend named Kendra Pollard, "Kody doesn't want to keep dealing with his current wives. They haven't been supportive of him, so Kody has planned the ultimate revenge."

Pollard also revealed that all of Kody's four wives knew the women that Kody was courting to be his new wives. One of them is a family friend named Amber, while the other one happens to be Robyn's step-niece, Mindy Jessop, who also used to babysit all of Kody's 18 children.

While Kody has yet to verify the said reports, another speculation claims that the network is now considering to cancel the reality show because of his plans.

According to reports, TLC is now contemplating axing the controversial show. It could also be due to the catfishing scandal that involved Kody's first wife, Meri. The reports claim that the catfisher, whose real name is Jackie Overton, happens to be one of the clan haters of the Browns who plotted to disturb the peace within the family.

The catfishing scandal obviously affected all the members of the family, as seen in the weekly episodes since season 7 began. They even had to go through a family counselling to overcome the pain brought by the controversy.

The new episodes of "Sister Wives" season 7 are aired by TLC every Sunday.