'Sherlock' season 4 spoilers: Moriarty to return next season, says Benedict Cumberbatch


Moriarty will be back next season, Benedict Cumberbatch teased in his recent interview with MTV. The actor also added that he was very excited to resume filming for the modern day version of the popular Sherlock Holmes mysteries.

When asked whether Moriarty (Andrew Scott) will appear again next season, the actor answered, "Yeah, I think so. I casually choose to forget in order to rediscover it again a little bit."

"We get a rough idea of where it's going to go before we get the script. But I like casually forgetting, not least because there's a lot of other traffic between then and now, but also because it's more fun because it's slightly more fresh," he quickly added.

Moriarty was rarely seen last season. The character's appearance was very minimal on the first episode. He appeared in Sherlock's mind-palace in the third episode, and in the shocking video at the last episode of season 3.

Meanwhile, another character may be added next season. "Sherlock" co-creator Mark Gatiss is courting top gun actor Tom Hiddleston to join the cast of the fourth season of "Sherlock" as the third Holmes' brother.

Rumors are going around claiming that Tom Hiddleston could play the third Holmes' brother, Sherrinford Holmes. Tom Hiddleston is known for his role as Loki in Marvel movies of "Thor" and "Avengers". However, he has not commented to these rumors yet. Thus, this remained as a speculation.

"Sherlock" will be doing a Christmas special next year. Reports said that the Christmas special will be based on the story of "The Adventure of the Blue Carbuncle." However, this also has not yet been confirmed by BBC.

Meanwhile, the fourth season of the most-loved series will be backed on air in 2016. According to a report from Yahoo, "Sherlock" will be back for a new season, but it will not be big. The report said that the season 4 will only be composed of three episodes. However, there is no exact date yet as to when the series will be back on air.

The filming of the "Sherlock" season 4 will start in January 2015. But the creators behind the series have already begun concocting ideas for the next season. There are no spoilers yet for the fourth season it is still in the early stages of planning.