Religious leaders speak highly of Donald Trump after meeting him in New York

US Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump smiles during a news conference to reveal his tax policy at Trump Tower in Manhattan, New York, on Sept. 28, 2015.Reuters

Republican presidential frontrunner Donald Trump on Monday welcomed leaders from various religions in the skyscraper that he owns in New York City to pray with them, and to once again express his support for Israel and for Christians who are currently under attack.

The controversial business tycoon left a good impression on Christian Pastor Darrell Scott, who was one of the religious leaders invited to The Trump Tower.

Scott described to The Brody File how Trump listened attentively and nodded his head enthusiastically while the religious leaders talked to him.

The Republican presidential hopeful also "humbly" accepted criticisms from the religious leaders, who asked him to tone down his rhetoric.

"He has a very high regard and a very deep respect for men and women of the cloth," the Christian pastor was quoted by as saying.

Scott further said Trump was also able to convince the invited black leaders of his sincerity in serving the country. Scott said the gathered pastors told the presidential candidate how he supposedly has not been able to connect with black voters.

"I think Donald Trump changed the opinions of the African-American pastors that were in the room. They saw a side of him outside of the media depiction, and that they would give strong consideration in regards to supporting his candidacy," the pastor said.

In a separate interview on NBC's "Today's Show," Trump admitted that he is aware of the possibility that he may lose his frontrunner status.

"This is going to be an ebb and flow, how can I continue to lead by such wide margins?" Trump said.

The big-time mogul also acknowledged that he has been "a little childish" in attacking other candidates. He also said that he plans to return to managing his empire should he lose the White House race.

According to a Reuters report, Trump has also expressed support for the Russian government's efforts to fight Islamic State militants in the Middle East, including Syria.