Pro-lifers welcome appointment of Thérèse Coffey as Health Secretary

Britain's new Health Secretary, Thérèse Coffey.(Photo: UK government)

The appointment of Thérèse Coffey as the new Health Secretary is being celebrated as a great victory for pro-lifers in the UK.

Coffey is the Conservative MP for Suffolk Coastal and a practising Catholic.  

She also takes on the mantle of Deputy Prime Minister in the cabinet formed by new Prime Minister Liz Truss. 

 She is a qualified chemist and has a strong track record in voting pro-life.

Earlier this year she voted against legislation making a 'DIY' home abortion scheme, introduced during the pandemic, permanent.

In 2020, she joined other pro-life MPs in opposing Westminster's imposition of extreme abortion legislation on Northern Ireland. 

Three years earlier, she voted against proposals to decriminalise abortion in England and Wales.

Her appointment as Health Secretary has been welcomed by the Society for the Protection of Unborn Children (SPUC). 

A spokesperson for SPUC said: "The appointment of Therese Coffey as Health Secretary is a great victory for pro-lifers in the UK. This is a time to celebrate.

"The new Health Secretary's pro-life voting record and convictions assure us that she will be a great ally to the pro-life movement in the fight for unborn rights. Real healthcare does not kill humans, and our new Health Secretary recognises exactly that.

"SPUC congratulates Dr Coffey in her new role and urges the new Prime Minister and her wider cabinet to listen to the growing number of voices in the UK demanding an end to abortion.

"Now is the time to secure our pro-life future."