Pakistan: Gunmen open fire at Catholic school in Lahore

Widespread protests erupted after suicide bombings outside two churches in Lahore in March.Reuters

Two masked gunmen opened fire outside a Catholic school in Lahore on Friday morning, injuring one student and two security guards.

Locals said the attack at St Francis High School in Kot Lakhput, was carried out by Muslims men in their twenties, according to reports from the British Pakistani Christian Association (BPCA).

Police are investigating the reason for the attack, according to the Pakistan Christian Post.

Lucky, the 15-year-old student injured in the attack, told the BPCA that the men stopped him when he was riding his motorbike from his home to the school.

"When I got close two boys in their early twenties stopped me and tried to snatching my motorbike," he said. "I implored to them to please not snatch my motorbike away from me and they shot at me."

A bullet grazed his shoulder, but did not do any serious damage. He received medical treatment and has now returned home. He said he was "extremely fortunate".

The boy added that after the men had taken the bike, they rode it to the school gate and started firing at the security guard.

Security Officer Muhammed Amir was shot in the leg, and is currently being treated in hospital.

"As a security officer your life is always at risk, but you hope and pray you will never be the victim," he said. "I am pleased that none of the children inside the school whom I was protecting have suffered harm."

The school was evacuated and closed for the day, but expected to reopen this weekend.

Friday's attack follows the death of 15-year-old Nauman Masih on Wednesday, who was set on fire by masked attackers when they found out he was a Christian.

There were widespread protests in the city after two churches were bombed on Sunday 15 March. Many Christians have blamed the government for failing to protect Christians. Religious tensions have increased after Christians lynched two men wrongly suspected of being responsible for the bombing.

Wilson Chowdhry, chairman of the BPCA said: "This latest attack highlights the failing of the Government to foster an environment of safety in Lahore. Churches and schools are being targeted and threatened daily and the government of Pakistan seems unable to help or insouciant to their concerns of local Christians.

"Christian children are being brought up in an environment of fear that will inhibit learning and create a sense of inferiority - this will stifle future generations if concerns are not tackled."

Chowdhry called on Christians around the world to pray for Lahore and campaign for the protection of Christians in Pakistan.