Nursery rhymes get the VeggieTales twist in new DVD

Get ready for some more laughter and family fun with the next VeggieTales release, The Little House That Stood.

The DVD is out on 2 March and for the first time, parodies popular nursery rhymes VeggieTales style.

Everyone's favourite vegetables are back, with Bob, Larry, Junior Asparagus, the French Peas and Madame Blueberry all featuring in the biblical story of the wise and foolish builders from Matthew 7.

When the three little pigs arrive in Cabbageville looking to build new houses, they soon find out which one will last when the storm comes. Larry builds with hay, Mr Lunt with bricks, but Bob builds his house on the firm foundation according to the plans in the "Master Builder's Handbook".

There will be more giggles with the re-telling of "Humpty Dumpty" around the good neighbour parable in "The Good Egg of Gooseville", which draws from the parable of the Good Samaritan, Luke 10.

The DVD also features a brand-new Silly Song, "Happy Tooth Day", and "The History of Mother Goose" bonus feature.

"We can't wait to share The Little House That Stood with VeggieTales fans and their families this Easter and spring season," said Laura Neutzling, Director of Marketing at Big Idea Entertainment.

"The title helps teach an important lesson about making good choices and being a good neighbour.

"It also shows us what can happen if we choose to follow the wise plans God has for each of us in the 'Master Builder's Handbook'.

"We invite you to join us for this VeggieTales action-packed adventure that's also full of silliness and fun!"

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