Nintendo NX could feature achievement sharing; July 2016 release?

Commons Wikimedia via Trisreed

As previously reported, Nintendo apparently began requesting its supply chains to begin component production in October, hinting that the Nintendo NX is already preparing for a targeted July 2016 release date. Details regarding the console have now emerged with a recent pattent hinting the NX will feature achievement sharing.

According to a report from Nintendo Enthusiast, Nintendo filed a patent that showcases a new type of Achievement system. Instead of gamers simply unlocking an achievement for doing something in the game, they will also be able to share how they got that achievement to other players through a system akin to the Miiverse network.

This would allow players to leave notes that other players can read, allowing them to learn how certain achievements are unlocked in a particular game. It is also hinted that videos might be recorded to visually showcase how the achievement was acquired and this video can then be left as a note for the online community.

However, it is important to note that this is still a patent, which doesn't necessarily mean the system will indeed be integrated into the Nintendo NX or at least not immediately upon launch. There is always the likelihood that this system will not be implemented if Nintendo sees that the current technology is not compatible with their goals.

It is heavily speculated however that the NX will indeed feature this new system given that the company has relaunched much of its online services with the cooperation of mobile game developer DeNA. DeNA has already begun working on the first Nintendo games on mobile devices and has completely reworked the Nintendo Network.

Nintendo did mention when it first unveiled the news of the NX that it would not be talking about the console until 2016, although these patents give a good idea of what Nintendo is aiming to achieve with their new gaming device.