Natasha Bure Thanks God for 'The Voice' Experience: 'I'm So Blessed With the Opportunities that God has Given Me'

(Instagram/Natasha Bure)Natasha Bure poses with fellow contestant Riley Elmore from 'The Voice' Season 11.

Natasha Bure, daughter of "Fuller House" star Candace Cameron Bure, recently broke out of her mother's shadow and made a name for herself by joining the popular singing competition "The Voice." It was definitely an exhilirating experience for the 18-year-old, and she is thanking God for blessing her with so many opportunities.

"The experience was pretty incredible, I mean I never thought I would do a show like 'The Voice,'" Bure tells FOX411. "I had a super open mind auditioning which was insane and then being able to work with Adam [Levine] was a crazy experience."

Bure admits the spotlight can get overwhelming at times, and she is thankful for all the pearls of wisdom her mother has shared about handling fame and keeping grounded.

"[My mom] has given me lots of advice and I really cherish her words and everything she tells me," Bure says. "She has so much experience in the industry and has done very well for herself so I love her advice. She always tell me to work hard and stay humble and whatever I do, do it with 100 percent of my effort and whole heart."

But the best piece advice Bure's mother has given her is to remain rooted in her Christian faith no matter what happens. She even credits her mother's faith in God for carrying her and her family to where they are today.

"I think especially in an industry where people get so wrapped up in fame and just all of that, I think having a family that's so bound in faith has been amazing. It's the reason that my family is as strong as it is and I'm so blessed with the opportunities that God has given me. [Faith] is a huge part of my life," she says.

Bure bowed out of "The Voice" after she lost to fellow competitor Riley Elmore during the Battle Rounds on Monday. Despite the loss, Bure still has plans to pursue her singing career. She is also considering acting, having had some experience with commercials when she was younger.