Ken Ham Says Many Christians Are Forsaking Christ's Teachings, Calls for 'New Reformation'


Answers in Genesis founder Ken Ham noted that many Christians nowadays don't take the Bible seriously, and are adjusting their faith based on what society dictates.

"Many Christians are no longer allowing God's Word to be the authority, and are exalting man's fallible word over Scripture," he wrote on his website. "We see this clearly when man's beliefs of millions of years and evolution are forced into the book of Genesis — the very foundation of Scripture and doctrine."

Because of this transition, Ham said it's no wonder why many members of this church generation have accepted same-sex "marriage," support abortion, believe pre-marital sex is okay, and many other things that the Scripture speaks strongly against.

"Scripture is no longer their authority — man's word is. As a result, we are seeing a generational loss from the church," he said.

So what can Christians do? Answers in Genesis says the members of its group are dedicating themselves to calling the church back to the authority of the Word of God. They are planning to ignite a "new reformation" by igniting a passion in the youth to know the Bible more and stand uncompromisingly on its Word.

They are also going to ignite a fervour in Christians to "contend earnestly for the faith" by showing the truth, power, and authority of the Bible against the false teachings of today. Christian leaders should strongly oppose any compromise within the church with evolutionary beliefs, while parents must start early in educating their children in accord with biblical principles, the group says.

For non-Christians, Answers in Genesis says they are going to ignite a burden and provide answers to the questions that have caused them to reject God's Word.

"Martin Luther opposed man's fallible traditions taking the place of God's Word. He called the church back to the authority of Scripture. In our day when we see rampant compromise in the church, particularly in regard to the book of Genesis, we need to do the same," he said.