Justin Bieber says 'God, we trust you in these times' as he prays amid coronavirus crisis

(Photo: Instagram/JustinBieber)

Justin Bieber used his Instagram Live this week to lead his fans in prayer as much of the Western world has been shut down over coronavirus. 

The Christian pop star said everyone was "in this together" and that prayer could help give a sense of togetherness, even if people don't necessarily share the faith. 

"I'm going to say a quick prayer, and if you guys agree with me, cool. If you don't, it's also cool, you don't have to believe anything I believe, we have far more in common than we don't," he said. 

"We're all people who are in this together and we're all just trying to figure this whole thing out.

"I'm going to say a prayer for the world, and, again, this doesn't make me any better because I'm praying, I just think prayer makes people come together."

The "Sorry" singer then asked that God would help to bring an end to the pandemic, and said he was trusting in Him despite the challenging circumstances. 

"God, we know these things don't come from you, these things are unexplainable, but God, we trust you in these times, and we ask God that you would make this go away as soon as possible, God," he said. 

He ended with a word of thanks, saying, "We just thank you so much for who you are and we would just ask for you to give us more answers."

Bieber has been self-isolating at home with his wife Hailey. 

The singer, who has Lyme Disease, has used his Instagram account several times in the last week to urge his 130 million followers to stay indoors to limit the risk to parents and grandparents. 

In one post, he wrote: "Obviously this is a really scary time. I wanted to remind everyone what we can do when we come together!! LETS COME TOGETHER BY ISOLATING OURSELVES UNTIL WE HAVE MORE ANSWERS! Our grandparents are counting on us."