'Jane the Virgin' season 2: Jane and Michael to wed?

Is Michael the lucky guy in "Jane the Virgin" season 2B?Facebook/CW

The second half of season 2 of the hit The CW series "Jane the Virgin" will be a hodge-podge of laughter, tears, and everything in between, as Jane (Gina Rodriguez) prepares for her upcoming wedding.

Executive producer Jennie Urman previously told TV Guide that the heroine's nuptial would be a big event to look forward to in the installment. The question on who Jane will marry, though, remains a mystery, as viewers still cannot decide whom she favors more, baby daddy Rafael Solano (Justin Baldoni) or Michael Cordero (Brett Dier). Signs point out to the former as the lucky man, but recent events have shifted on the detective's favor. Before the midseason finale, Jane and Rafael had a big fight over Michael. She finally learned that her son's father had a hand on her ex-fiancé's dismissal from his job.

The tiff quickly became ugly when Rafael's jealousy got the better of him. He threatened to contest Jane's custody of the baby. Although they eventually made up, thanks to a psychiatrist, viewers saw that their relationship has significantly cooled. They might have spent Christmas together, but it was obvious Jane's mind was somewhere else. Rafael was also preoccupied, knowing that Jane still loves the other guy. As for Michael, he has been keeping his distance, preferring to watch over his ladylove from afar and making sure that mysterious Sin Rostro would not get a second chance to kidnap the baby.

With this development in mind, is it safe to conclude that the man Jane will be marrying is Michael? Urman refused to divulge the information during her interview with TV Line. She did give a major hint, though, on what viewers could expect as the wedding date draws near.

"We have some big romantic developments coming up. Without saying who it's between, it's going to definitely resonate between Jane and Rafael as parents and also in terms of where they are in their relationship," she said.

"Jane the Virgin" season 2 will return on Monday, Jan. 25, at 9 p.m. EST on The CW.