'Hope08 Reveals Signs of Change' in UK Mission

|PIC1|As churches, organisations, and individuals make plans for the Hope08 mission event, signs of change are happening across the UK, shared Mike Pilavachi from Soul Survivor.

Pilavachi was revealing the great hope emerging from the movement at the recent Soul Survivor Tour, which launched Hope08 in five different centres.

"There's a turnaround that's taking place," he told nearly 3,000 church leaders and young people who gathered in Oxford, Nottingham, Bristol, London and Cambridge.

"In all sorts of ways, doors are opening. And it would be a tragedy if we, as God's people, didn't see this as something that God is orchestrating - and walk through."

As one example, Pilavachi explained that as a youth worker he used to find it very difficult to gain access to schools. However, schools are now actively inviting churches to help.

Also speaking on the tour was Andy Hawthorne of The Message, Manchester. He pointed out that traditional Christian festivals such as Easter and Christmas are drawing "more and more people" to church.

According to Hawthorne, at Christmas 1999, 36 per cent of the national population attended church - and this number has grown "year on year". At Christmas 2006, 45 per cent "passed through our buildings".

He encouraged people to respond to this widespread interest. "We're praying that in the year 2008 people would know that Christians are nice - that we're not bigoted, boring and miserable."

In addition, Pilavachi reflected the sense of unity and co-operation by saying "It's actually great fun to witness to Jesus together".