Francis Chan's Hong Kong visa denied after church planting in the city

Francis Chan moved to Hong Kong in February 2020 but has been forced to return to the US after his visa was rejected.(Photo: YouTube/Moody Bible Institute)

Francis Chan has been forced to return to the US after Hong Kong officials denied his visa. 

The popular evangelist and author moved with his family from San Francisco to Sham Shui Po, a working class district in Kowloon, last February.

Chan has a close affinity with Hong Kong as his mother ministered there in the fifties. She died giving birth to him in 1967 and he spent the first five years of his life being cared for by his grandmother there.

In a video message to friends and pastors earlier this month, Chan said he and two of his sons-in-law had been denied a visa and were now back in the US appealing the decision, China Aid reports. 

"We want to be in Hong Kong and hopefully, we can return there," Chan said.

In the 10 months they were there, Chan said they had established three house churches each attended by around 15 to 20 people. 

"We had each been leading one church in each of our homes, but then, suddenly we learned that we had to leave the country," he said. 

Chan said that prior to leaving the city, he had to encourage young leaders in their circle who admitted they did not feel ready to take over. 

He said that being ready was not about having "enough information" but having "enough faith". 

"We've got this. I've got more sources for equipping than the early church did. I have so many resources online, so much knowledge available. I have the Scriptures right before me, a huge advantage," he said. 

Chan said it was a time for them "to be pushed and stretched" and that he believed "God is having me go back to the US".