Fishermen facing hardship this winter, warns Christian charity

The Fishermen's Mission said coronavirus was having a devastating impact on the UK's fishing communities.

A Christian charity is warning of a winter of hardship for Britain's fishing community. 

The Fishermen's Mission said it had been a "very tough year" for fishermen, with coronavirus impacting profits that would normally see them through the winter months. 

Ali Godfrey, the mission's Director of Business Development, said things were going to be hard for fishermen for months to come and that many were facing the prospect of "heat or eat" this winter. 

"Often fishermen will use the profits made from their catch through the spring and summer to tide them over the winter when the fishing is not so good," she said.

"That could not happen this year.  In effect, many fishermen have already used any savings they would have hoped to have put aside for the winter.

"We are aware that some fishermen are already getting into debt just to keep themselves and their families going. My message to them is clear, it does not have to be that way and the Fishermen's Mission are here to help you."

The Fishermen's Mission provides spiritual as well as financial and practical support to the fishing community. 

Godfrey said she was especially concerned about the impact of falling temperatures and bad weather on the elderly in the fishing community. 

"We are here and ready to help anyone in our fishing community. You could be an active or retired fisherman, a fisherman's wife or partner or a dependant of a fisherman – we are here for you," she said. 

"If you are anxious about how you will cope or worried about what the future months will bring, please get in touch. Don't get snowed under this winter."

Fishermen in hardship are being urged to call the Fishermen's Mission on its free and confidential helpline on 0800 6341020 or find out more information online at  To support the Fishermen's Mission, text AFLOAT to 770085 to donate £2.