Evangelist With No Arms or Legs Nick Vujicic Draws Thousands to Christ in Secular Europe

Thousands of people at a hall hear evangelist Nick Vujicic talk about the Gospel in Ukraine.(Facebook/Nick Vujicic)

This evangelist has no arms or legs but he's got millions of inspired fans worldwide.

Nick Vujicic once again showed his God-given speaking prowess and the persuasive power of his mind during his recent tour of Europe where he was able to convince thousands to come to Christ, The Christian Post reported.

In his social media posts, Vujicic recalls meeting with the leaders of Ukraine and Slovenia as well as his speaking engagements attended by thousands of people.

In one of his Facebook posts, Vujicic recalled one "incredible" night in Ukraine when more than half of some 5,000 people who listened to him speak in an auditorium "stood, repented, received Jesus as their Lord and Savior and are now being followed up with by the local church. Praise Jesus!"

In another Facebook post, Vujicic talked about his visit to Slovenia where he had the privilege of being introduced to an audience by a president of a country for the very first time. "Honored to have met and prayed with President Borut Pahor. Thank you, Mr. President!" he wrote.

He was also invited as guest of a popular TV talk show. "Had the most amazing interview in Slovenia! The most popular talk show host talked to me about how my book 'Unstoppable' changed her life and led her to find Jesus. Forty-five minutes later, we prayed for the country and God showed up big time! Thank you, sister!" he said.

In "Unstoppable: The Incredible Power of Faith in Action," which was released in 2012, Vujicic shared how he overcame the most difficult periods of his life, and how he was blessed with a joyful married life.

"I actually like this book a little bit better, because it's deeper and more transparent, I think. I share about the depression I went through in 2010, and share that basically 'unstoppable' doesn't mean bullet proof. When you can't walk, God's going to carry you," Vujicic told The Christian Post in an earlier interview where he talked about his first book, "Life Without Limits."

"With me, in my life, I know that there are people who can get encouraged to see how God can use a man without arms and legs to be his hands and feet, but I wanted people to know that I am not a superhero, it is not about me, or how well I speak or articulate — it is the Spirit of God. It is an active relationship with him," Vujicic said.