'Empire' season 2 spoilers, cast news: Andre Royo snags recurring role


As if the cast for "Empire" season 2 isn't impressive enough, Andre Royo from "The Wire" joins the massive pack. The actor was tapped to play the role of Thirsty Rawlings, a lawyer whose brilliance catches the attention of Lucious Lyon as he does his time in prison.

Rawlings is presented as ruthless and shrewd but also charismatic. He also has many dark secrets to keep. This makes him Lyon's perfect partner in crime. In light of the casting news, Royo tweeted how "excited" and "honored" he was to join the party.

Andre RoyoWikipedia

Royo, who will also star in Amazon's "Hand of God," will be the latest celeb to join the swelling ensemble of "Empire" season 2. Actor to TV Line, singer Kelly Rowland will play the role of Lucious' mother in flashback scenes. Marisa Tomei will portray a billionaire venture capitalist.

Singer Alicia Keys and comedian Chris Rock are reportedly putting an appearance in the second season of the mega successful musical drama series as well. It wouldn't be surprising if more celebrities sign up for the show as well.

When fans left the Lyon family, Lucious was incarcerated for the murder of Cookie's cousin's murder. Because of this, he wasn't able to give Jamal the music empire their family built and endow a personal jet and a charity for Hakeem and Dre, respectively presumably as consolation prizes.

This ought to make "Empire" season 2 explosive and full of tension. Just recently, a promo image for the new season was released, with the show welcoming fans back to the "Lyons den." The photo had the family's matriarch and patriarch and a couple of actual lions (Cookie was even petting one).

In other related news, the massive success of "Empire" was not enough for it to snag Emmy nominations. The only award the show is up for is the "Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Series," which could ended up being snagged by Cookie herself, Taraji P Henson.