Third Day's Mac Powell on wife's brain aneurysm: 'Each day has been more positive than the day before'

Mac Powell with his wife Aimee in hospital(Photo: Instagram/Mac Powell)

Third Day frontman Mac Powell's wife is making some progress after suffering a brain aneurysm and even persuaded him to get back on the stage for a Christmas concert tour.

In a health update on Instagram, Powell said Aimee had managed to eat a little Chick-fil-A but her appetite is still really low following the aneurysm.

And doctors are still assessing her after she reported feeling "fuzzy". 

But in spite of this, he was more upbeat than in his previous post when he said that she had woken up in the morning with an intense headache that was the strongest since being hospitalized and "a 9 or 10 on the pain chart".

"The one at the house she gave a 1,000," he said. "This headache came fast and furious. Her nurse quickly gave her meds that eventually helped a lot. It wasn't exactly how we had hoped to start the day." 

She started to feel better later, though, and that was followed up by a good day on Friday too. 

Mac has been constantly asking his fans and supporters to pray for Aimee and despite the difficulties, he's keeping a positive outlook. 

"Each day has been more positive than the day before," he said.

"So encouraged that she has passed her physical and occupational therapy tests, along with speech and throat.

"She is in great medical hands and both Aimee and the kids are surrounded with family and friends." 

He has regularly posted photos of Aimee in hospital resting and smiling in spite of her condition. 

She even told him to get back out on tour after he missed the first concert date on Sunday due to her aneurysm. 

He ended his update with another appeal to fans to keep praying for her. 

"Aimee encouraged me to go on the NewSong Very Merry Christmas tour," he said.

"I am headed to the second show of the tour now (missed the first one that was Sunday). Please continue to #pray4aimee."