Corey Feldman: 'God called me to expose Hollywood sexual predators, pedophiles' - 'Justice will be served, in God's name'

Renowned child actor and a victim of sexual abuse in Hollywood, Corey Feldman is in the midst of his Truth campaign to stop sexual abuse in the film industry, and he recently explained that he feels God has personally called him to expose sexual predators and pedophiles in Hollywood.

Screenshot of Corey Feldman from his Truth campaign videoYouTube/ Corey Feldman

In a recent interview on the "Dr. Oz Show," Feldman revealed that God told him to put an end to the sexual harassment stigma in Hollywood by shedding light on the names of sexual criminals. Feldman said, "God told me, 'This is what you are here for, this is what matters.' I heard this in God's voice."

Feldman also named his abusers on the Dr. Oz show, former actor John Grissom and club owner Alphy Hoffman.

Feldman started his Truth campaign to raise $10 million to fund a documentary he plans to make about sexual abuse in Hollywood.

He also posted an announcement video on YouTube about his plans for the campaign and to seek legal guidance from professionals. In the video, Feldman explains that there are a lot of people who had to suffer the same ordeals he faced in the past. He also noted that many of these victims are afraid. "I'm very afraid to do this, it's not easy. I've been living in fear, I've been living with this my entire life... as most victims have," he said.

The "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles'" voice actor also stated, "I am not alone, I know that there's thousands others that have experienced what I've experienced in the entertainment industry."

Feldman concluded the video with a message that the mission of his campaign is to save millions of lives, especially children, from the danger of sexual abuse. "Let the truth be told, so that the people who have done this damage can come to their consequences they deserve. Justice will be served, under God's name," he said.

Hollywood has been riddled with several pedophilia and sexual abuse cases. Several perpetrators were named including Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein, actor Kevin Spacey, fashion photographer Terry Richardson, and more.