Christy Wimber thanks people for support after announcing divorce

Christy Wimber(Photo: Instagram/Christy Wimber)

Christy Wimber is divorcing her husband of 30 years, Sean Wimber. 

The popular Christian author and speaker's father-in-law is Vineyard movement founder John Wimber. 

Christy made the announcement in a Twitter post asking that people remember she is "human".

"Following a long and difficult season/process, my marriage has come to an end," she said.

"I have not acted immorally. The people I work with, my closest of friends and oversight are aware of what I have been walking through.

"I don't believe divorce is God's plan, however, I do believe health and wholeness is. I don't plan to share any details. I ask that you pray for us, especially my kids, remembering we are human."

The post also included a message from her pastor Rick Warren. 

In the message, Warren said he and his wife Kay had walked with Christy "through some very difficult and complex heartbreaks." 

"But even as her marriage ended, I've watched her live with Christlikeness in the middle of brokenness and I've witnessed her humility and maturity," he said. 

Wimber thanked people for their support following the announcement. 

"Thanks for all the love, prayers and support. I'm doing well," she said.

"I've found the most profound things which form us aren't from what we pick but from what we face. How we stick close to Jesus and walk out what we didn't plan for is gifted with grace and growth beyond human understanding."