Christian couple have 13 sons; hope next child will finally be a girl

Jay and Kateri Schwandt are the proud parents of 13 boys, and they are expecting a 14th child - hopefully a girl - this year.(PHOTO: Facebook/Jay Schwandt)

After having 13 sons in the family, one would think that the chances of having a daughter are pretty much nil. But a Christian couple from Michigan still remain hopeful that their next baby would be a girl, although they aren't really getting their hopes up.

"I would love to have a girl, but I just don't think it's in the cards. The last couple, numbers 12 and 13, we kinda held out a little hope," Jay Schwandt told WoodTV about his next baby with wife, Kateri.

The two made headlines back in 2013 when they welcomed their 12th son, Tucker Ray, on August 4. When Kateri got pregnant again, Jay held out hope that they would finally get a girl. But when Kateri, who was 40 years old then, gave birth on May 2015, they got another boy and named him Francisco Matthew.

Their other kids are: Tyler, 24, Zach, 21, Drew, 20, Brandon, 18, Tommy, 15, Vinnie, 14, Calvin, 12, Gabe, 10, Wesley, 8, Charlie, 7, and Luke, 5.

While Jay and Kateri would love nothing more than to cradle a daughter in their arms, they would be happy nonetheless if they get another boy. "I'm thinking that this is it. It just feels like this is going to be it, and we're going to enjoy every second of it," said Jay.

Many people actually wonder how the devout Catholic couple manages to raise such a huge family, but Kateri said raising 13 boys is no different than raising three kids. "If you have three, it's the same as having 10 at this point, if you ask me," she said. "It's just more chaos, more noise. It's nothing we're not used to at this point."

And as far as finances are concerned, the Schwandts are in pretty good shape as well. "We wouldn't do it if we were struggling to get by, if we were living paycheck to paycheck," Jay said. "These are people that just don't know us."