Carman celebrates 30 years of ministry

|PIC1|Fans of internationally renowned Christian artist Carman are invited to submit their "favourite ministry moments" on to celebrate 30-years of his ministry.

30 entries will be randomly chosen to receive a personal phone call from Carman, thanking then for their support, with all entries residing as postings on the site (

In the past three decades, Carman (Carman Domenic Licciardello) has witnessed over one million concert salvations, holding the record for two of the largest solo Christian concerts in history with 50,000 in South Africa, and more recently 80,000 in North Carolina.

His music albums have launched him to the top of CCM sales charts, garnering 15 Gold and Platinum albums and videos, with sales of over 10 millions records.

In addition, he has written novels, screenplays, and had the longest running theatrical release for a Christian film in 2001 with "The Champion," a film in which he also played lead.

He regularly contributes to various TV productions, now serving as a lively regular host on the TBN network.

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