Bobbi Kristina Brown recovery update: Will Bobby Brown take daughter off life support?

Bobbi Kristina BrownReuters

Singer Bobby Brown has to make a very difficult decision and he has to do it before he goes back to work. Brown needs to fulfill his already rescheduled Australian tour next month but will need to make a life-altering decision in the process.

And that decision involves taking his daughter, Bobbi Kristina, off life support. Bobbi Kristina is Bobby Brown's daughter with the late Whitney Houston and all decisions pertaining to their daughter's medical status lies on him.

Three months have passed since Bobbi Kristina nearly drowned when she was found face down in bathtub at her home with hubby Nick Gordon. Since then, Bobbi has been in an induced coma surrounded by her loved ones.

Doctors had at one point tried to attempt to bring Bobbi out of her coma but violent seizures occurred. Despite that failed try to wake Bobbi from her coma, doctors revealed that Bobbi is not brain dead.

And apparently this is a bit of good news which Bobbi's family is holding onto as they have no plans of taking her out of life support any time soon. All that is except for Pat Houston who has reportedly been trying to convince father Bobbi Brown to remove all the machines before he goes back to work.

Difficult as it may and the chances dimming with each passing day, the risk of permanent damage is something that is being raised. Still and all, the family are hoping and praying that somehow, Bobbi would wake up from her coma.

And while all of this is happening, there is the matter of the $20 million inheritance of Bobbi Kristina. While most family members would hate to think that this would be tied up to the removal of the machines, the thought of that is something which cannot be avoided.

For Bobbi Brown, the singer is under a lot of pressure on the professional side. While he did prefer to stay by the side of his daughter, promoters have reportedly been holding him on his obligations such as the upcoming Australian concert.

Brown has cancelled some of his shows and was hoping to cancel more dates. Some of them were however denied.

On the matter of pulling Bobbi Kristina out of life support right now is anyone's guess but as things look now with Bobbi and the rest rooting for Bobbi, it doesn't seem that they are about to give up on Krissy just yet.