'Alaskan Bush People' news update: Family returns to California; Ami Brown's cancer treatment continues

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"Alaskan Bush People" promotional photo.

The Brown family from the Discovery reality show "Alaskan Bush People" has returned to California to continue Ami Brown's lung cancer treatment. The matriarch will be finishing the second round of her chemotherapy and her family will be there to support her.

The entire family, including Ami, had been in Colorado to film the eighth season of "Alaskan Bush People." She also reportedly stopped receiving treatments briefly after she became too ill. Her weight dropped as a result of the therapy's side effects.

However, it looks like Ami is now ready to get the treatment again. Her husband Billy, along with their children, Matt, Gabe, Bear, Bird and Rain, have travelled to California from Trinidad, Colorado, to make sure she gets all the support she needs during these troubling times.

Ami was previously diagnosed with stage 3B lung cancer. The disease has reportedly progressed to stage 4. The family has not provided any details yet about Ami's progress on her chemotherapy, but a second round of treatment may be a sign that the first one had worked.

Meanwhile, Bam Bam, one of the Brown children who left the show during its sixth season, will be returning for the upcoming season. He previously left the show to pursue Allison, a woman he loves. However, he returned in season 7 after he learned that his mother was sick.

It is not yet clear if Allison will also be joining the Brown family in the next season of the "Alaskan Bush People." Bam Bam and Allison are now staying in South Carolina, where they are working on renovating a boat that they bought together.

The couple found the ferry just before it was sold for scrap. "We have been gutting and renovating her ever since," said Bam Bam. "It's been a blast...Alli has great artistic vision and huge plans for the renovation."