5 TV shows Christians should watch


You probably know Christians who love to read or sing in their spare time. But if you're someone who loves TV shows and movies, you're probably always on the look out for the best ones out there. While "Game of Thrones" will almost always rank as the #1 TV series in the list of many, do take note that there are TV shows out there that Christians can learn a lot from. If you have plenty of time to spare in the coming weeks, give these TV shows a try.

This is Us

Already on its second season, "This is Us" is a TV show about a young married couple who suffered a great lost. The show focuses on how one can overcome grief and find hope and happiness through it all. It's a real-life depiction of what we may all go through. The NBC show has a huge following thanks to its touching storyline and twists that will still keep everyone on their toes. Do keep a tissue box beside you when you watch this.


Blackish is a family comedy that addresses serious issues in society, such as social justice and race. It pushes conversations, ones that will get you thinking, but adding humor to it all. It has become a hit for many Christians and non-Christians alike as the script is a source of wisdom for its viewers. Not to mention, its witty lines will keep everyone hooked. It's the perfect show to bring a smile to your face.

The Encounter Series

The Encounter Series is one of the most touching Christian TV shows today. What if Jesus is actually on Earth? He's actually that stranger who helped you or saved you? The show depicts the possible encounters with Jesus and how such encounters touch the lives of these people. It's heartwarming and will really tug at the heartstrings. Even watching the trailer below will get you teary eyed already.

Angel from Hell

Jane Lynch from "Glee" takes on an imperfect guardian angel in this TV Show. She may be described as an angel from hell because she's clumsy and often, inappropriate. Nonetheless, she will be an angel you'll grow to love and appreciate, because just like other angels, she will always be there to help you and do what it takes to make you happy at the end of the day.

Of Kings and Prophets

For those looking for a TV show based on a Biblical perspective, "Of Kings and Prophets" is a more serious show for you to watch. This is the story of the life of David. It will depict betrayal, ambition, and most importantly, David's faith. Go on this journey with David and see how he rose to fame and how he became the second king of Israel.

If you're a TV show buff like me, then you won't wait any longer to start watching these TV shows. It's not only for entertainment, but there are great life lessons to learn. At the center of it all is God, that's all the more reason why we should watch these shows.