5 ways our wedding vows can honour God


The vows that husbands and wives make to one another are one of the highlights of any wedding, but they're also the most frightening - having to make all of those promises in front of others that you're are bound to for the rest of your life. Does this really glorify God? How can we create wedding vows that bring honour to God despite our inability so often to keep our end of the deal?

Numbers 30:2 tells us, "If a man vows a vow to the Lord, or swears an oath to bind himself by a pledge, he shall not break his word. He shall do according to all that proceeds out of his mouth." Such a command makes wedding vows sound like pretty serious business, and they are. When we make a promise to our spouse, we tie ourselves not only to them, but to God.

Vows are a scary thing because we are imperfect people who will most likely break them, but the good news is that we can turn to Jesus Christ and depend on Him to give us the drive and passion to keep vows that we make. Here are five ways that our wedding vows can honour God.

When they are kept. When we make vows to love each other for richer and poorer, God is most glorified when we do just that. Love is a great responsibility, but it is also a privilege that we walk in. When marriage is viewed as a blessing from God, we will value it more and desire not to ruin it by breaking vows.

When it serves our spouse. Wedding vows are often made to express how we will serve our spouse with our life, faith and work. The idea of serving and loving others will always honour God, and He desires that we do just that in marriage- serve one another with the love of the Lord.

When we depend on God's strength to keep them. Probably the most important thing when making vows is praying to God that He would bring us His Holy Spirit to keep vows of fidelity, service, partnership and purpose to one another. Apart from His strength, we cannot keep promises.

When they are aligned with God's Word. There is no better basis for vows than when they are made in accordance with God's Word and His ways. The Bible talks to us about every area of life including marriage, family and right living.

When they fulfil God's purposes for marriage. We may have our own plans entering into a marriage, but when we put God's plans and purposes first, we honour Him most. Vows that asks God's will to be done before ours are what glorify Him and bring His blessing into our marriages.