Six-year-old prays, helps mom deliver healthy, two months premature baby [VIDEO]

"I just wanted to help really."

Canisha Owens and Janeicea ArmstrongKSAZ video screenshot

A six-year-old Arizona City girl helped her mother deliver her baby sister on Sunday morning.

Canisha Owens's due date was two months away, but went into labor in her bathroom. Her daughter, Janeicea Armstrong, assisted her during a home birth.

"She heard me screaming, so she woke up and came in the bathroom, and we just hugged each other," Owens told KSAZ.

"She was praying, she was like, 'It's okay mommy, breathe.'"

Owens called 911, but was unable to talk to the dispatcher because of the pain. Janeicea took the phone, and received instruction from the operator.


"I just wanted to help my momma with the baby, so I just wanted to help really," the girl told reporters.

Her mother described giving birth to the 3.5-pound baby on the bathroom floor.

"Before I know it, the baby is coming out," Owens recounted. "I looked down, I seen her head, and I took a deep breath in and pushed real hard. And then her body started to come, and I grabbed her, and picked her up, and then took the umbilical cord from around her neck."

The 911 operator told Janeicea to get a piece of string to tie around the baby girl's umbilical cord, but the six-year-old had to improvise.

"I just couldn't find no more string, so I just got it from the couch," she said. "I tried to tie it, but it wouldn't work. It was too, it was too yucky. I could even do it."

Emergency personnel soon arrived, and took the two girls and their mother to the hospital in an ambulance. Owens said Janeicea enjoyed that trip.

"I heard her in the ambulance in the front seat singing," the mom stated.

Although she did very well in her first delivery, Janeicea doesn't think obstetrics is in her future..

"I do want to be a doctor when I grow up," she said, "so maybe not that kind of doctor."

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