Recycle your greetings cards

(Photo: Zsuzsanna Kilian)

A Kent woman has developed a novel new product to reuse old Christmas and greetings cards.

Festive Returns are packs of 10 pre-printed or blank labels with envelopes for reusing and resending old cards.

The labels are easy to attach with special adhesive and the simple packs allow attractive cards to be enjoyed by someone else.

They are the idea of Gabrielle Argent from Tunbridge Wells and charities
are already showing an nterest in the product too.

The packs are £2.70 each and part of the sale will go towards charity.


"No one likes to see beautiful cards go for pulp recycling, there is so much life left in them," says Gabrielle.

"I love the fact we can truly recycle the cards we have
enjoyed and put a smile on someone's face with the sentiment which says – I care about you and I care about the environment."

Festive Returns can be purchased online at

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