Queen attends rededication service of Temple Church organ

The Queen receives flowers from nine-year-old Ursula Hall outside Temple Church

The Queen was guest of honour at a special service in London this week to rededicate Temple Church's organ.

She was accompanied by the Duke of Edinburgh for the service of evensong, which marks the end of a two-year process to restore the organ to its original glory.

The restoration was made possible with the generous support of 450 donors who helped cover the £750,000 cost.

The Queen was greeted by the Treasurers of the Inner and Middle Temple, Simon Thorley QC and Christopher Symons QC.

A posy of flowers was presented to her by nine-year-old Ursula Hall, who attends the Temple Church Sunday School.

The Harrison & Harrison organ was originally installed in the church in 1954. It is modelled on drawings of the Temple's Father Smith organ of 1688.

The repairs to the organ were started in August 2011 and carried out in Durham.

The Queen signed three scrolls to mark the completion of the restoration process.

Joint chairs of the organ fund appeal committee, Sir Anthony May and Michael Blair QC, said: "The organ has not simply been repaired; it has been restored to its original and proper glory."

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