Care crisis hindering disabled contribution - bishop


The social care system is failing to meet the needs of disabled people of working age, the Bishop of Carlisle has said.

The Right Reverend James Newcome made the comments in support of the report, The Other Care Crisis, published this week by Scope, Mencap, The National Autistic Society, Sense and Leonard Cheshire Disability.

The report warns that chronic underfunding of care services is being exacerbated by cuts to local services, depriving tens of thousands of disabled people without the support they need.

Four in 10 disabled people are failing to have their basic needs met and the lack of funding is hindering their independence, with nearly half of disabled adults reporting that services are not supporting them in getting out into the community.

The bishop said: "To date much of the debate on social care has centred on older people and the needs of an ageing population.

"But one-third of those who need care and support are under the age of 65, and the report shows how their lives have been affected by the care crisis.

"Without support, disabled people find themselves unable to wash, dress, leave their house or communicate with others.

"This can leave them unable to work, study and contribute to society.

"Any solution to the current crisis must address their needs as well."

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