Bishop: Church must speak in language people can understand

Speaking about the theologically deep and meaningful can also be entertaining, says the Bishop of Bradford.

In a new podcast for the Church of England, the Right Reverend Nick Baines shares his perspective on how Christians can strike the right balance when using different media to communicate with an audience that does not necessarily share their faith.

The bishop is a regular contributor on Pause for Thought, a fixture of Chris Evans' Radio 2 Breakfast Show.

In the podcast, Bishop Baines praises Evans for attracting the largest radio audience in Europe, with 9.5 million people tuning in every day, according to industry figures.

Reflecting on his approach to Pause for Thought, the bishop says, "You've got to be able to fit in with the medium. It's no good having stuff to say if you don't know how to say it or there is a big 'clunk' between the programme, which is great, fast-moving fun and 'the religious bit'."

Bishop Baines recalls the time he managed to work 16 song titles from the band Madness into his Pause for Thought script during a show in which Evans was joined by lead singer Suggs.

The bishop's tip for a good Pause for the Thought? "Saying something in that context and at the same time being entertaining," he says.

"It's important for the Church to be saying something in a language people can understand, especially to people who don't ever touch the Church."

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