We've lost culture war over gay marriage, says James Dobson

Focus on the Family sponsored a program called 'Operation Ultrasound' - working on the principle that women who view images of their foetus are less likely to have an abortion.Reuters

The founder of the conservative evangelical campaigning group Focus on the Family has admitted that he and his fellow conservative evangelical lobbyists have lost the "culture war" over gay marriage. 

James Dobson told televangelist Andrew Wommack's The Gospel of Truth show that the ruling of the US Supreme Court in favour of marriage equality had hit him like a "ton of bricks".

He and fellow conservatives had campaigned long and hard against same-sex marriage.

Focus on the Family has also had a strong ministry against abortion.

Dobson said: "And [as] I was contemplating this foreboding, this black cloud, it hit me like a ton of bricks... That decision is not really about gay marriage. It's not. It's about everything else. It's about the entire culture war. It's about control of the public schools and it's what happens in universities. It's about the economy and it's about business and it's about the military and it's about medicine. It's about everything. We lost the entire culture war with that one decision. The gay marriage thing was just part of it, but it's going to touch every dimension."

Earlier this year Dobson said on his radio show that being bisexual led to orgies. He also suggested that ministers who spoke the "truth" about homosexuality might face charges as "accomplices" to anti-gay hate crimes.

Advocate reports that he has in the past blamed the Sandy Hook massacre of 26 people by a single gunman in 2012 as down to a nation that has "turned our back on God". He believes marriage equality and legal abortion are evils for which God "has allowed judgment to fall upon us".