University debating society cancelled, then uncancelled Catholic reporter over her LGBT views

Caroline Farrow(Photo: ITV)

The debating society at the University of Exeter has reversed its decision to cancel a Catholic reporter because of her views on homosexuality. 

Caroline Farrow was invited to debate sex worker Charlotte Rose via Zoom last Friday on the motion 'sex work is real work'. 

On Thursday, Ms Farrow was notified by email that she was no longer invited to participate in the event. 

The society's chair, Robert Jones, said her appearance went against the group's commitment to inclusivity. 

"A number of articles have been brought to our attention concerning your widely cited anti-LGBT activism. This is in direct contradiction to the inclusive culture we wish to promote," he wrote. 

Ms Farrow and the Free Speech Union complained to university officials that its event management policy protects freedom of speech. 

After lodging the complaint, the mother-of-five was informed by Exeter's Students' Guild that the cancellation of her invitation to speak was a "mistake".

The debate went ahead as planned but with a disclaimer posted to the society's Facebook page warning of possible offence over Ms Farrow's participation. 

Speaking to the Mail on Sunday, Ms Farrow denied being anti-LGBT.

 "It was all rather farcical, really, if there hadn't been serious issues of free speech at stake," she said.