The Things These Celebrities Are Giving Up – Or Not – For Lent


The Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby is advocating a 'good' Lent. 'A good #Lent makes new space for the hope of Jesus Christ in our lives, in the Church and in society #AshWednesday,' he tweeted.

So what are celebrities giving up for Lent this Year?

British Prime Minister Theresa May is giving up crisps. 'I don't know how many packets of crisps the prime minister consumes per week, per day or per month, but she will be giving them up,' said her spokesman. 

Pop star Nathan Sykes of the Wanted tweeted: 'Never been able to successfully give up anything for #lent, so this year I'm being ambitious and I'm giving up people.'

London's Mayor Sadiq Khan is not giving anything up because he is a Muslim and his fast is in Ramadan. But he tweeted a generous acknowledgement of the Christian festival:

British model and actress Amy Jackson said: 'Let today be the day you give up what you've been, for what you can become.' Avon and Somerset Police said: 'Can't decide what to give up for Lent? Our top suggestion: Crime.' Ruth Valerio, theology director at A Rocha, said: '3 elements of Lent: prayer, fasting, almsgiving. If we give up something it should be so someone less fortunate will benefit.' Comedian Adam Newman tweeted that this year, he is just 'giving up'.

San Antonio Spurs fan 'Spurs Jesus' is not giving up but giving away for Lent – tickets, medals and other goodies.