Star Wars Episode 9 release date news: Upcoming movie delayed; filming to start in mid-2018

YouTube/Star WarsScreengrab from "The Last Jedi" official trailer on YouTube.

Fans of "Star Wars" may want to channel the "force" for additional patience, as the final movie of the new trilogy has just had its release date delayed further into 2019.

The "Force Awakens'" director J.J. Abrams claims back the helm of the final movie of the trilogy, hot on the heels of Colin Trevorrow's departure, the last film's original director. The release of "Episode IX" has just been pushed back from May 24, 2019 to Dec. 20, 2019.

According to Independent UK, this changes a lot of things, as a December release coincides with "Wonder Woman 2," as well as "Minecraft" the movie from Warner Bros. This means "Episode IX" could get some stiff competition on its release. Otherwise, the said movies sharing the same release month with "Episode IX" might have to scoot over and make way for the relatively bigger blockbuster.

Trevorrow's departure was reportedly due to him being too "difficult" to work with in the developmental process. This caused a rift between him and Lucasfilms' president, Kathleen Kennedy. The film delay was due to Abrams having to rewrite the script for the movie.

This move has also delayed the start of productions for the film; from the intended filming early in 2018, the production was pushed back to June 2018. This gives Abrams ample time to finalize the new trilogy's finale and worry about the casting later.

Screenrant considered the delay a positive event, saying that it will give the director and everyone in Lucasfilm to see the reception of the second movie in the trilogy, "The Last Jedi," and perhaps adjust the script and writing accordingly. "The Last Jedi" is set for release on Dec. 13. With the delay, the writers would have enough time to make necessary tweaks based on "The Last Jedi's" reception.

"Star Wars Episode IX" has no confirmed subtitle yet, but it will be released on the aforementioned date, Dec. 20, 2019.