Schools in Brighton and Hove to start giving out gender pronoun stickers to students


School pupils in Brighton and Hove will soon be receiving gender pronoun stickers to make transgender children feel more supported.

The stickers are to be handed out in secondary schools and colleges as part of the city's campaign against "misgendering" called "My Pronouns are...".

"Misgendering" occurs when a transgender person is referred to as the gender that is different from the one they identify as.  This can include using the wrong pronoun.

The badges are being introduced so that school children can tell other students how they wish to be identified. 

Students can choose from badges that say "my pronouns are she/her/hers", "my pronouns are he/him/his" and "my pronouns are they/them/theirs". 

There is also a blank badge they can fill in with their own chosen pronouns.

Other stickers display slogans like "respect my pronouns, respect me", "gender is a spectrum" and "trans ally". 

Wearing the stickers is not compulsory but the campaign is still likely to concern people of faith and other parents who do not believe that gender fluidity should be promoted in schools.

A spokeswoman for Brighton and Hove Council told The Argus newspaper: "The badges and stickers help raise awareness that you can't assume someone's gender identity and the pronouns they use.

"We know from a range of evidence that gender is more complicated than is traditionally recognised.

"We all define our own gender and we should respect other people's identities and rights.

"We're proud of being a diverse city, and the council is committed to equality and inclusion for all people, including our trans and non-binary residents. Our equality and inclusion strategy rightly supports those who are experiencing greatest disadvantage."

Last December, Brighton and Hove Council approved guidance for schools recommending that classes about menstruation be "inclusive of all genders" and teach children that "trans boys and men and non-binary people may have periods".