Real Housewives of Atlanta season 6 reunion Part 2 [Bravo TV]: Will Porsha Stewart be fired after fight?

The Real Housewives of Atlanta season 6 reunion special part 2 will be airing Sunday, April 27.

If you miss the reunion episode, it will be available to view online via live stream on

Last week, Part 1 of RHOA season 6 reunion aired on Bravo TV, with Porsha Stewart losing it after she was provoked by Kenya Moore. The two got into a catfight, a Porsha was taped grabbing Kenya's hair, with host Andy Cohen unable to break up the fight.

After things got out of hand, Porsha was asked to leave the Real Housewives of Atlanta reunion by Cohen.

Following the fight, it is not sure if Porsha will be fired from the RHOA, as it has been revealed that Bravo producers have a zero-tolerance towards violence on the show.

Co-star Nene Leakes, who almost got hit while trying to break up the fight between the ladies, stopped by Arsenio Hall this week to discuss the latest spat.

Arsenio asked Nene, who is currently a contestant on Dancing With the Stars, whether she thinks Porsha will be fired. Nene replied, "No, it's not fair to fire Porsha. Actually, I didn't think it was fair to ask Porsha to leave the reunion. I thought if she left, Kenya needs to leave. I felt they both needed to go." She added, "It's one of those things... you know if you're in a car accident, say you slam on your breaks and I hit you from the back, I'm at fault. But you hit the breaks!"

Porsha was blind-sided last year when ex-husband Kordell Stewart announced his divorce from her via Twitter. RadarOnline reports that Kordell wants to distance himself from his ex after the recent publicized fight. A source said, "Kordell is distancing himself from Porsha, now more than ever..During their marriage, he thought Porsha acted inappropriately to get ratings for the show and wasn't a good role model for his son [Syre. Her fight on national TV proves that."

The RHOA season 6 reunion was taped on March 28, 2014.

Part 2 of the RHOA season 6 reunion airs April 27 at 8 p.m. ET. Part 3 will air on May 4 at 8 p.m. ET on Bravo.