Pray that Libyan Christians will be bold, says Arab ministry

The ministry says prayer is the best way Christians in the UK can support the church there, which is heavily restricted and exists largely underground.

AWM is asking Christians to pray that in the midst of the chaos “God would bring down the proud and raise the humble, and see his will done in Libya as it is done in heaven”.

“In Revelation, we read that there will be people from every tribe before the throne in eternity, praising God. We can learn the names of the tribes in Libya and claim members of each of them for Christ," the ministry said.

“And the response of the church in Acts 5 to threats and danger was not a prayer for safety, but for boldness.

“In the last month, we have seen evidence of boldness among Tunisian and Egyptian Christians.

“We should pray similarly for those in Libya.”

AWM said it hoped that whatever shape the political system took after the revolution, Christians would be free to learn more about the Christian faith, and free to worship and witness.

“We do not know what will come from these uprisings but we are concerned that the Good News of Jesus Christ is proclaimed, whether the societies are freer in the end or not.”

It added: “Boldness is required to take advantage of such times.”

Hundreds of people are reported to have been killed since protests erupted last week.

According to media reports, tanks have been deployed in the suburbs of capital city Tripoli by forces loyal to the country’s embattled leader, Col Muammar Gaddafi.

US President Barack Obama and British Prime Minister David Cameron have both condemned attempts to crush the revolt by force.

AWM said it was “grieved” by reports of violence against demonstrators.

“We pray for restraint and that God would minister to and through his people,” it said.

Rescued Britons have described scenes of desperation and chaos at Tripoli airport where thousands of people are trying to return to their own countries.

David Cameron was forced to apologise for delays in the rescue of Britons stranded in Libya. Around 150 BP workers were brought back to the UK this morning on a flight chartered by the oil giant but an estimated 550 Britons remain trapped in the country.