Outlander season 3 spoilers: Sam Heughan and Catriona Balfe take break from filming in Cape Town

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Droughtlander continues but fans can be happy that there are at least a few tidbits appearing here and there to satisfy demand for season 3 of "Outlander".

It's still a few months to go until we will see Jamie and Claire back on Starz but there's plenty to look forward to as Sam Heughan, who plays Jamie, recently shared an awesome picture of himself at the Roark Gyms in Cape Town, South Africa. 

Seems he's working up a sweat to get himself in shape for the next season, which promises to see lots more action and conflict in troubled 18th century Scotland. 

And from what he shared on his Instagram post, it seems Heughan has no plans to let his form slip in the months leading up to the release of "Outlander" season 3 as he teased the next few months would be "sweaty".

Heughan was recently spotted by fans of the show while out and about in Cape Town with co-star Catriona Balfe, who plays Claire. 

They were spotted in a shopping mall together and were more than happy to pose for photos with fans. 

Balfe looked relaxed and stylish in a pair of cut off shorts with a simple yellow blouse tucked in, while Heughan seemed more than happy to flaunt the results of his gym sessions in a vest.  He was carrying a white bag so it seems he managed to pick up some goodies while out on his shopping trip.

Filming is underway for the new season and co-executive producer/writer Matthew B Roberts also had some interesting news to share about the crew's time in South Africa. 

Scotland may not be the most hazardous country for filming, but South Africa is a different story with more than its fair share of dangerous critters and the scouting team nearly stepped on a cobra.  Thankfully, it appears no one was hurt. 

"Outlander" season 3 doesn't have an official premiere date as yet, but Starz has confirmed that the show will be back on the network some time in September.

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