'No Man's Sky' release date for PS4 and PC, online and offline game modes revealed

"No Man's Sky" is one of the most anticipated games that will come out for the PS4 and PC platforms this year. When it was first introduced at the E3 2014 event, gamers have kept an eye out for this game from Hello Games. Now, it is rumored for release within the year. 

The game is set in an open universe, where players can embark on different cosmic adventures and activities. "No Man's Sky" is a Sci-Fi adventure game, which is very evident in its first trailer

Players will be able to explore the galaxy in their own way. They can venture into different solar systems. They can discover hidden secrets of the galaxies and even meet new life forms. And of course, there's the interstellar war between the player and the baddies for a chance at space survival. 

Sean Murray, the game developer, didn't hold back during an interview with Eurogamer, where he spilled every detail about the game. Apparently, it is designed to be enjoyed in both online and offline modes. 

"No Man's Sky" will have a linear game mode where the story actually has a start and an end. Further, the game also has progression systems. The progression system is what helps the gamers to earn money and survive the game. They can use special gear, space suits, weapons and even upgrade ships. 

Murray also shared one exciting detail about the game — the AI.

He said, "These guys are AI, yeah. And, actually you won't know if they're AI or real players in the final game. It's not a thing we're going to mark, I think." 

So, how will a player determine if the character is an AI or not? 

"You won't. But they might get out of the ship and start moving around [on the surface of a planet], so then you would," Murray explained. 

As for the release date, Murray didn't confirm anything. But according to rumors, "No Man's Sky" may be available before E3 2015 starts, which is around June. If it won't happen in June, it might be in the third quarter of the year.