New Integrity Music signing WorshipMob wants to see a 'cultural shift' in worship


Christian record distributor Integrity Music has announced the signing of the non-profit worship ministry, WorshipMob.

WorshipMob is a non-profit ministry that aims to provide free Spirit-filled worship music to the world. The group channels their records through 54,000 YouTube channel subscribers and their videos have clocked up 9 million views.

Worship leaders Sean Mulholland and Garrett Chynoweth established the group four years ago in Colorado Springs. Led by two local worship teams, WorshipMob started their weekly meetings to worship and pray together and encourage one another.

According to Breathecast, the group aims to unify local worship teams from different churches by encouraging one another, praying for each other, and worshipping together.  The hope is to create and record Spirit-filled worship that can be accessed for free worldwide. The ministry also wants to eventually unify Christians all over the world through their worship music and create a cultural shift.

"We felt God's leading to create a unifying worship setting that transcends denominational limitations, and to unite the global Body of Christ to collectively experience the deep, intimate, and life-giving relationship that only Jesus provides," says Mulholland.

"WorshipMob is fighting for a cultural shift - for each worshipper to fully believe in our Christ-purchased clean identity, live in compassionate unity and experience the resulting profound heart-level freedom," continues Mulholland.

"Our core mission is to share that we are all beloved sons and daughters, and to spend time learning to love our Father back with all our hearts... hopefully encouraging our friends around the world to do likewise," he said.

WorshipMob is represented by 30 local churches and more than 100 musicians, each contributing to the creativity of the group. The weekly gathering model is spreading in cities across US and startups in Australia, Africa, and Philippines.

WorshipMob, under Integrity Music records, will release its first digital album entitled 'Carry the Fire' on March 3. The 12-track album will have bonus videos and will be available through ITunes and Amazon.