Mary and Jesus get the Barbie and Ken treatment

Two artists have created Barbie and Ken versions of Jesus and the Virgin Mary, the Metro reports.

Fans of Barbie are more used to seeing the iconic doll in a pair of sky high heels and mini skirt.  But there's not a bit of leg to be seen in the Divina Providencia version of the doll created by Pool Paolini and Marianela Perelli.  

Draped in blue and white robes, her head covered, and boxed in a seated position with the baby Jesus on her lap, it's Barbie as we've never seen her before.  

Meanwhile, Jesus Christ Ken hangs on a cross wearing only a loincloth. 

The dolls have been created for the "Barbie, The Plastic Religion" exhibition opening in Buenos Aires on October 11, and the artists appear to have set out to be deliberately provocative.

They said: "In a world where we're rewarded for thinking, feeling and acting all the same, Marianela and Pool set themselves apart by rebelling.

"Through humor they highlight a fictional, historical, religious, political universe where their elders are trapped."

The Jesus Christ Ken and Virgin Mary Barbie will feature in the exhibition alongside dozens of other Barbie and Ken Dolls made up to represent religious figures from the Catholic, Jewish, Buddhist and Islamic faiths.

Pool Paolini with his Jesus Christ Ken(Photo: Facebook/Pool Paolini)